terça-feira, 26 de outubro de 2010

Justin Bieber's Revenge!

I do not understand why so much fuss around the case and Justin Bieber phone hacker.

People must think that being an artist is to be greater than or different from other ordinary people, but is not. Not because he is famous and known people are aliens! These are common and normal people like you and me. People with dilemmas, problems, dreams and everything else that they are entitled.

Not good if want to cover the sun with a sieve, it is very clear that this attitude of the singer was a form of revenge, if indeed he who has been posted on Twitter the number of "unwanted fan." As much as the defenders of Justin try to justify this attitude, or deny the desire for vengeance expressed in the act performed by the artist, hardly able.

But for such a fuss? Just be realistic. Why, if someone is calling you, teasing you the whole time, it is obvious that at some point you will get angry and have some reaction. Who of us, maybe we did not have the same reaction of the singer in similar circumstances? Who is not guilty cast the first stone!

If you speak up in the boy's psychological problems, but if it is just based on that fact, I do not think that this assertion is unfounded, since any ordinary person would have a similar reaction, and moreover, the young age of Justin and this sudden success certainly influence the behavior of the singer.

This leads us to ponder: how far is worth doing so successfully? It's worth losing touch with family, friends in exchange for millions who do not even know for sure where to spend? Unnecessary money that only serves to fulfill the desire of some to squander. Is it worth having so much success as Michael Jackson and have no peace to be able to sleep normally? That early success and have a bad relationship with his family, like Macaulay Culkin?

I heard that there are dozens of shows a month. It would be better for him to do one show a week and could enjoy your life as a normal person, maybe it'll miss later. So I conclude by saying that I consider the attitude of Justin nothing more than a mere common reaction in anger, that we are all vulnerable, because, famous or not, we're all human.

It's what I mean! 

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